Women Who Have Influenced My Life

This page is dedicated to the memorable women who have influenced my life. From my Mother, Mamaw, and Grandmothers, Mrs. Singleton, who was my first grade teacher at Draketown Elementary School in Draketown, Georgia, my four sisters (who is not influenced by siblings?), mother-in-law Marinda Nickels, and more sisters-in-law than I have brothers(!) on through the many female friends, co-workers, and spiritual sisters I've been blessed to know through the years.

Women the Weaker Sex?

Says who? How many men could go for days (and nights) without sleep caring for a cranky, crying baby, AFTER having given birth to said baby? Some women go through the cycle every couple of years, some even every year. Athey Rush Maner, my own mother, God rest her soul, bore ten children in a period of eighteen years. And still looked pretty darned good when she died at the youngish age of sixty-eight.

Thus I introduce the first woman who greatly influenced my life. Understand, I was a normal daughter, who vowed she would NEVER be like her mother! Hah! Famous words.

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