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Memoir and more ---

When I decided a few years ago to publish a book I self-pubbed my autobiography, Eight Miles of Muddy Road. My family is very important to me and I did it mostly as a gift for them. With some trepidation, I presented copies to my four sisters and three brothers that Christmas. You never know how family might react to airing the family secrets! But they were very kind and supportive. Eight Miles of Muddy Road can be ordered through Amazon, as an ebook for Kindle and other e-readers. For a print copy, call or email Sylvia.

My siblings encouraged me to finish the mystery novel I'd been working on for lo, these several years. I did finish it and it's garnered several rejections but is now being considered by a commercial publisher. Keeping fingers crossed that they will accept it.

I've had stories published in print and online. Several are archived on the web and can still be read, if you should be so inclined. If you 'Google' my name, they along with the pages of this website will come up. Also my affiliations, Short Mystery Fiction Society and the Authors Den online.

I'm a member of several writers groups in my local area. Click on the links for each organization to find out more about them. Members of the Lost State Writers Guild, a somewhat larger group, have been together a while longer. The Appalachian Authors Guild, which includes writers from all over the area covered by the Appalachian Regional Commission, is newer but is already making its mark.

Below are the covers of anthologies in which pieces I've written have been included. Rocking Chair Reader, Coming Home, was the first of the nationally distributed Rocking Chair Reader series published by Adams Media, FW Publications. My essay "Persimmon Memories" was included in this volume. The other cover is the Mystery of the Green Mist, 2011 EPIC finalist published by L&L Dreamspell, and includes my story, "Reservoir of Death." L&L also published Dreamspell SciFi, Vol I, which included my story, "Tezra's Daughters." The other two are collections of my stories which I published through Lightning Source. I also did a second edition of Eight Miles of Muddy Road, cover shown above beside my picture.

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