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Feminism and God

DID YOU KNOW - that feminism is nothing new to GOD?

That's right! He appointed a woman judge over three thousand years ago! A woman named Deborah was chosen by God as a judge over the nation of Israel, which had been taken captive by enemies.

Deborah called the military leader, Barak, and asked if God had not told him to go to battle against their captors to free Israel. He agreed, but would not unless Deborah would go, also. As a result, the battle was not to Barak's honor. Another woman, named Jael, killed the leader of the opposition when he fled the battle.

This victory opened the way for occupation of a strategic part of the land by the children of Israel.

God is no respecter of persons. He doesn't want just an elite few. He wants you, too. Read about Deborah, Barak, and Jael in the Old Testament, Judges, chapter 4.

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