One of my long time favorite poems


I know not when He sends the word
That tells me fervent prayer is heard;
I know it cometh soon or late,
My part is but to pray and wait.
I know not if the blessing sought
Will come in just the guise I thought
I leave all care with Him above,
Whose will is always one of love.

Author unknown

This is a very short piece I wrote at one of those times when only verse seemed able to express what I wanted to say. It was written for a dear friend of mine in 1988, when her mother died, to celebrate new life in early spring and the way God lights up fields and bare branches in woods with dogwood blossoms!


Rose purple blooms lighting
bare black branches
echoed on the ground
in deep thrift
abundance of beauty dript.

Promises of life renewed
by blooms, dark-edged
of dogwood
pink and white
living tapers, glowing bright.

     Honorable Mention
     National League of American Penwomen
     Watauga Branch
     1999 Poetry competition

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